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 World War One2008

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World War One [2008] | PC Game | Genre: Strategy | Language: English
Developer: AGEod | Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment | File format: ISO

The step-by-step strategy for World War One, devoted to the imperialist war 1914-1918 biennium head of France, Russia, Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey, players can control the armies and fleets, to appoint generals and fund military research.

Forge victory in World War One have not only the fronts, but in the rear – the leader of a nation should have an impact on public opinion and to seek allies among the neutral countries.

✔️ The game is played in alternating phases of giving orders followed by simultaneous execution, with an original three-mode turn-base system.
✔️ Easy to play, hard to master. Play a scenario over a few hours or a full Grand Campaign following in Foch’s or Ludendorff’s footsteps!
✔️ A large selection of Scenarios (x15) and Campaigns (x5).
✔️ The largest World War One map ever, with unequalled look and detail levels.
✔️ 6 playable major nations, dozens of different troops, planes and ships, hundreds of historical, political and technological events, over 200 historical leaders with unique abilities.
✔️ An original diplomatic system. Send your ambassadors all over the world to alter the balance of power between the Entente (i.e. Allies) and the Central Powers.
✔️ Organize armies, recruits and new weapons while managing supplies and producing munitions. Use sea and rail to move your stocks.

✔️ Put the best leaders in command (if politics allows you to!) and take care of your nation’s will to fight!
✔️ Break the trench warfare deadlock by pursuing technological research or fighting the economic blockade.
✔️ Play secret stratagems to influence the course of events with famous characters like Lawrence of Arabia, Mata Hair, Lenin or the Red Baron.
✔️ Fight to re-conquer lost provinces, ensure European or worldwide supremacy, or just ensure the survival of the old order.
✔️ Playable via LAN or over the Internet in multiplayer mode.
✔️ Dozens of fully customizable parameters to make the Great War yours for modding.
✔️ AGEOD’s recognised dedication to historically accurate, good-looking games!

System Requirements:
• Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
• 1Gb ram
• 128Mb Graphic Card


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rapidshare.com akhareshe.info_World_War_One_08.part08.rar

rapidshare.com akhareshe.info_World_War_One_08.part09.rar
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World War One2008
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